SKU: OCGU-01-002

The entire Gulden occluder family is molded from strong, lightweight ABS plastic, with an easy cleaning gloss finish.
Occluders have a standard length of 25cm. State-of-the-art bonding technique ensures greater durability.
Occluders are used to cover one eye during testing or treatment. Occluders are cupped to a 70mm radius.

Maddox rods are used in conjunction with prisms measuring lateral and vertical phoria in both near and distant vision. Maddox rod phoria testing is a suitable alternative to the Von Graefe Phoria technique, and is indicated when a patient is unable to see two targets in the Von Graefe test. The Maddox rod test can be performed in free space without use of the phoroptor.

The Combo Occluder includes a maddox rod, occluder, red lens, fixation targets, 1mm & 1.3mm multiple pinholes, mm rule, PD rule, Palpebral scale, and corneal scale, all in one instrument.

These instruments are available in various configurations and combinations.