NearBright Illuminated Kit-Snellen

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Reichert's NearBright Illuminated Near Vision Kit is a lighted version of the Snellen Card Holder, which has become the new Rotochart / Card Holder. The previously separate card holder has now been incorporated into the new design, with improvments such as a folding hinge to prevent the card loosening when the reading rod is raised, and positive rotation clicks. The Reichert Near Bright Illuminated Near Vision Kit provides proper, consistent illumination, allowing patients to easily see the near point reading card symbols and optotypes.

When the reading rod is lowered into position, the lights automatically turn on, illuminating the Snellen Card Holder's near point acuity charts. The lights automatically go off after 15 minutes, or shut off immediately when the reading rod is raised. It also has two different brightness settings.

Front Side:

Reverse Side: