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SKU: TOAO-10-001

Reichert 7CR -

Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology

The Glaucoma Tonometer

The Reichert 7CR from Reichert Technoligies utilizes a patented bi-directional applanation process to characterize the biomechanical properties of the cornea and reduce their impact on the IOP measurement. This measurement, referred to as Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc) is minimally affected by corneal visco-elastic properties, thickness, or surgical procedures such as LASIK or PRK. As such, IOPcc is a better indicator of glaucoma than other methods of tonometry, including Goldmann Applanation.

The Reichert 7CR is more clinically valid in all subjects, including:
Normal Tension Glaucoma patients
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma patients
Post-LASIK and refractive surgery patients
Patients with Fuchs' or Corneal Edema
Keratoconus patients
Patients with thick, thin, or otherwise biomechanically atypical corneas

Waveform Score ensures reliability of results
The Reichert 7CR employs an advanced signal-scoring feature that helps ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results. A score for each measurement is displayed on the screen. Scores below a certain threshold are indicated as unreliable.

Non-Contact measurement methodology
The Reichert 7CR utilizes a collimated air-jet to deform the cornea and an electro-optical system to monitor the applanation process. The result is a rapid measurement that is comfortable and non-intimidating for the patient and simple for any operator to execute. Best of all, the measurement is non-contact so no anesthesia is required and there is no risk of cross contamination.

Automatic, real-time applanation control
The Reichert 7CR applanation detection system monitors the change in corneal curvature in real time, recording 400 data samples during the 25 millisecond measurement process! This unique feature ensures that the appropriate applanation force is automatically delivered to each eye being measured.

User and patient friendly
The all-new touch screen interface features an easy-to-use icon-based operating system enabling even inexperienced users to make measurements in seconds. The full color display guides the operator through the measurement process showing everything from the alignment of the eye, to the display of the readings. Patients simply lean against the forehead rest while the fully automated alignment and measurement takes place.

The speed and simplicity of the Reichert 7CR
are unlike any other tonometer!

IOPcc is a better indicator of glaucoma presence, making Reichert 7CR "The Glaucoma Tonometer"
Alignment is completely automated
One-touch, triple-measurement mode
Clearly displays all measurement data
Internal printer simplifies record keeping
Electronic data transfer via USB port